Karen Corcoran Walsh

Addiction and Recovery Therapist

Addiction and Recovery Therapist

What You Need To Know About Addiction


As per Karen Corcoran Walsh, addiction is not only limited to drugs, as it can be in different forms. Addiction should be avoided and cured when it is affecting the person’s life negatively, more so, if the people around them are also getting impacted with what they are doing. 

There are a lot of things about addiction people need to know about. Sometimes, it is the lack of information about it that makes things worse. As someone responsible and eager to understand where the victims of addiction are coming from, it is highly recommended that you know more about addiction. 

Things To Know About Addiction

When you hear the word addiction, the things that will initially come up to your mind are:

  • Addiction can ruin families
  • Addiction can destroy lives
  • Addiction is bad
  • Addiction can never be acceptable

But, if you will just dig deep and understand more about addiction, you can probably help save lives. 

Just to give you a few things you need to know about addiction, read below:

  • It is a mental illness

Yes, addiction is a mental illness and if left untreated, it could harm you, your loved ones physically, emotionally, and all other aspects of life, it can also be fatal in some cases. 

No one wants to be an addict, but sometimes it is their mental state that pushes them to become addicted to something. Addiction is an inability of a person to resist the urge of whatever it is they are being addicted to.

  • Addiction is sometimes accompanied by deeper problems and issues in life

Addiction to a certain thing can be because the person was influenced by his/her friends, family, or anyone else around him/her, but it can also be accompanied by depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, a psychotic disorder like schizophrenia, family problems, sadness, breakups, and so on. 

You must not push addicts away too soon, the best way to deal with them is to help them release their emotions freely, without the need of using any substance or participating in any activities that can ruin their life even more. 

  • Anyone can develop an addiction

Yes, addiction can be developed by anyone. Teenagers can be addicted to social media, young adults and adults can be addicted to drugs, alcohol, or gambling, old people can be addicted to collecting rubbish, and so on. Anyone is prone to get addicted to something.

You must not assume that because your friend is kind, sweet, and smart, he/she won’t be addicted to something, as there will come a time that they may face an activity they cannot resist even how hard they try to control. Anyone can develop an addiction, but of course, addiction does not occur to everyone. 

  • It is not easy to remain sober

Being sober is not easy, more so, staying sober. When you get addicted to something, it is not easy to take it completely out of your system. It takes time, hard work, dedication, and a whole heart to be successful in getting out of an addiction, but even how hard it may seem, it is workable. 

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