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Addiction and Recovery Therapist

Addiction and Recovery Therapist

8 Qualities a Good Addiction Therapist Must Possess


Before you find a therapist to deal with your addiction issues, you must know the qualities and attributes that must be present in a good one. Without knowing these qualities, you can never find a person who can actually solve your psychological problems. Psychology is a vast field, and as per Karen Corcoran Walsh you must find the right person if you want to see a change in your behavior. There are many counsellors and therapists from whom you can take advice but unfortunately, not all of them are capable of truly solving your problem. In this article, we have discussed the eight most important qualities that should be present in a therapist from whom you are expecting a positive result.

Why is it important to consider?

It is really very important to consider the qualities of a therapist before you find one because otherwise you will be paying money and getting nothing in return. If you really are worried about your mental health, and you want to get rid of some addiction, you should carefully select the therapist and should pay attention to the main characteristics that make a good psychologist. Finding a good therapist is not less than finding a good partner for whom you will definitely check certain criteria before making a final decision.

Qualities and attributes

Following are the most important characteristics and qualities that should be present in a successful therapist.

  • Therapist must have love for others – Therapy is not an easy thing to do, and it requires the professional to develop a sense of trust. A patient will sense lack of love easily and this thing will never let a good relationship to develop between therapist and the patient.
  • Therapist should be a good listener – Listening skills are the most important ones for a therapist. He can help his patients only if he listens to the patients carefully.
  • Therapist should be a person with whom you can talk easily – A good therapist must know how to develop a good and healthy atmosphere. Without a good atmosphere therapy cannot be conducted.
  • Therapist must be observant – observation is important, a therapist must be able to observe things and should find out the stuff which patient is not able to disclose by himself.
  • Therapist must be a reliable person – Reliability and confidence are two most important things required for a successful therapy.
  • Therapist must be authentic and should know his subject! A therapist must be a master of his subject and should possess enough knowledge and experience to help you with addiction therapy.
  • Therapist should be well aware of ethical and moral boundaries – A good therapist always know the boundaries which he or she should never cross. If you sense any such thing, you must immediately change the therapist.
  • Therapist must have strong communication skills – A good communication is extremely important and without it you cannot expect to get the results. You must find a good and healthy environment with therapist to discuss everything with him about your addiction.

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