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Addiction and Recovery Therapist

Addiction and Recovery Therapist

4 Misconceptions About Addiction That You Must Know


Before you start your treatment for addiction, it is important to understand many misconceptions about addiction. Addiction is one of the biggest issues, and there is a need to understand it properly if you want to see the desired results. People are not really clear about addiction and that is why even after getting treatment they are not able to see the results. If you are addicted, and want to say good-bye to your addiction, you should learn about it, should know about the misconceptions, should find a good therapist, and should follow the procedure, as per Karen Corcoran Walsh. The biggest problem with addicted people is that they do not look for the most competent people in the field and try getting the treatment that is not specially designed for them. A drug addicted person must be treated in a personalized manner because not a single treatment can fit in to the requirements of all!

Why is it important to learn?

It is really very important to learn the misconceptions related to addiction because otherwise, you might be following wrong procedures and processes to quit addiction. If you do not want this to happen to you, you must learn these misconceptions, and then you will come in a better position to get a better treatment. If you are looking for treatment for one of your loved ones, you should also understand these misconceptions, even if you are not addicted yourself.


Following are the wrong things usually associated with addiction and dependencies.

  • Most people think that addiction is a choice, and they can easily stop it before it can start affecting their brains. However, this is not true. Addiction is not by choice it is a chronic disease and sometimes genetics play their part too. If you start smoking or drinking alcohol, you might think that you will be able to quit it whenever you want, but soon the substance will take over and it will become difficult for you to quit.
  • Addiction affects bad people – This is true that the chances of getting addicted are increased if you are in a bad company, but it has nothing to do with your character. Addiction can impact any person in normal situations too!
  • Treatment should be quick and successful in the first time – This is another misconception that is in the minds of addicted people and their loved ones. They want to see quick results. There is no guarantee that the first treatment will be successful for addiction, and you should keep this thing in mind.
  • Addiction treatments are same for all – Most addicted people want a generalized solution for their addiction treatment, however there is no such thing. Treatment is specific and it is specific for every person. If you are drug addict, therapist will suggest the treatment keeping in mind several factors, therefore you cannot adapt a general treatment and should seek for specific help from a professional and competent therapist.

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