Teens at Inspirations have their eyes on the future

dr.darling and teens at inspirations
Dr. James B. Darling, Jr. from Sheridan Technical College (STC) spoke to Inspirations for Youth and Families youth rehab about its schools diverse curriculum that can lead to rewarding and lucrative careers ranging from welding to Internet Security – every teen in the room was excited about their potential career path.

STC offers career and technical study programs affording students the opportunity to gain skills in high wage, high demand occupational fields. This is often a perfect fit for many of the Inspirations’ teens who haven’t been to school in two-years. They also offer an accelerated program for students to receive their high school diploma or GED.

He spoke about the reason why teens are here at Inspirations is because of poor decision making.

Gary was interested in STC’s school of cosmetology. Dr. Darling talked about the other degrees including massage therapy. medical billing and coding, transportation, hospitality, business, These classes can be taken on-line. For those interested in medicine BTC has surgical technician degrees. For those interested in computers they have Information Technology (IT). We have students that graduate in a year and a half and get a high paying job with Cisco.

Inspirations teens were impressed when they learned some of these students who graduate find jobs where they earn more money than their parents, because they don’t start you at $9 or $10 an hour.

Oscar, who hasn’t been to school in two-years was pleased to learn they have an accelerated plan for students to graduate at their own pace.

Dr. Darling forewarned the teens to not enter the program with a “chip on your shoulder.” “Talk to your therapists and behavioral health technicians for career path guidance,” said Dr. Darling.

Dr. Darling reflected on his past when he graduated high school and was voted least likely to succeed not because he did not have the ability.

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