Suboxone is needed but insurance won’t pay

suboxone not getting reimbursedThe medical profession needs national restrictions on the unethical conduct of insurance companies and their claims/reimbursement practices. They deny patients the services for which they clearly meet medical necessity and for which they’ve paid premiums. Delaying reimbursements to addiction treatment centers in an attempt to put medical professionals and addiction treatment providers out of business is a disgrace.

Heroin/ Opiate addicts are dying while waiting for insurance approval to enter an addiction treatment facility. Many of whom are denied access to their insurance without just cause.

A combined focus on both insurance companies (payer sources) and treatment providers will better serve the overall profession of addiction treatment and mental health services for insurance and treatment providers as well as benefit the patients.

Suboxone is needed but Insurance won’t always pay

Many people are under the false assumption that suboxone is always reimbursable. But sometimes insurance companies will not reimburse. This was the case for a family from Buffalo. It was reported by the Buffalo News. When a health insurance company canceled a 48-year-old man’s medicine. He made a desperate call to his 77-year-old mother. Now she is paying $130 a week for his Suboxone prescription.

And a teenager hooked on opioids is a victime of the system. He was told that his insurance denied the full stay of his treatment. His parents have shelled out thousands of dollars.

About Karen Corcoran Walsh

Karen Corcoran-Walsh, CAP, ICADC, MFT, ASAM holds a Master of Science degree from Nova Southeastern University. She is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist. A former school teacher, she has worked with children of all ages for nearly 20 years.  From preschool, elementary, junior and senior high school. She is the owner and co-founder of the prominent teen rehab. Inspirations for Youth and Families, and the Cove Center for Recovery, an adult therapy program. She has appeared on the Dr. Phil Show and “Teen Talk.”