Statistics for Teenage Prescription Drug Abuse

Teen Prescription Drug Abuse
Statistics say that every day over 2,500 teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 use prescription pills such as pain relievers for the very first time. Teen prescription drug abuse is also one of the major leading causes for deaths of teenagers in America from over dosing on the pain pills. Prescription pills consumed the most by teens are Oxycontin, Vicodin, Morphine and Percocet. All of which are all highly addictive prescription medications that can also cause a variety of health issues including brain damage and liver damage. Not only does teenage prescription abuse cause damages to your internal organs but it also leaves you susceptible to health issues such as AIDS, Hepatitis C and many other infectious diseases.

The statistics from the National Center of Addiction says that teenage prescription drug addiction makes teens twice as likely to use alcohol, 5 times likely to smoke marijuana, anywhere from 12-20 times for likely to use other street drugs such as cocaine, heroin, crack cocaine and meth. Statistics have also proven that teenage boys are more likely to abuse drugs because of the euphoric high it puts off, while girls on the other hand use them to lose weight or because of depression. Teen prescription abuse has gone up increasingly high over the past year and the numbers keep increasing daily.

Every teen prescription drug addiction case should be handled in the appropriate manner for whats in their best interest. In America there are over 14,5000 drug treatment facilities that offer counseling, detox, case management and medications. If teen prescription abuse goes untreated it can carry on through out a number of years and will start effecting your liver, brain and kidneys. What teenagers do not realize is that the process does not take long to start occurring. The day a teenager start using prescription medications their body will start crave it until addiction is in full force, soon they will not only need it mentally, but physically. The process is so quick that no one is aware that it is occurring. As soon as teen prescription drug addiction sets in help should be sought immediately.


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