Drug rehab coping skill radical acceptance explained

radical acceptance

The Inspirations blog briefly touched on the types of coping skills we have taught our teen clients including the alternative technique called radical acceptance.This is a vital skill that helps our clients change their behaviors and way of thinking from negative to positive.

Here is a short of teens on radical acceptance:

What is Radical Acceptance?

Radical acceptance on a broad spectrum is the total and complete acceptance of one’s situation. This means you accept things completely in your mind, heart and body. There are three main components that make up radical acceptance.

You must first learn to accept the reality as it is and come to terms that this is the reality of your situation. Secondly, you must accept that the event or situation is causing you pain. Many people try to cover the fact that they are feeling hurt. Third is accepting that life is worth living despite these painful events.

Life will not always be perfect and there will be profound moments of joy as well as intense pain. Accept that your life is still worth living despite the hardships and pain you face.

How can it help those in recovery?

This way of thinking is a important for those suffering from addiction. In addition to therapy radical acceptance is a great tool for maintaining sobriety and staying happy. This tool should be used when a person is feeling overwhelmed emotionally and as if they need to self medicate.

One of the main contributing factors of drug abuse is the users mental state. Those suffering from substance abuse disorder know that abusing drugs will have negative if not deadly repercussions. However, they continue to abuse drugs despite the signs because of how it allows them to escape from their emotions and situation.

Through radical acceptance addicts learn to accept the challenges life has given them and to not dwell on the sadness or negativity of their situation. Although radical acceptance may seem like a simple concept only few people actually live by these principles. It requires practice to instill this type of thinking into your lifestyle. Which is why most people experiencing a hard time choose to live in denial or even place the blame on others. With this in mind we hope to encourage those in recovery to lead a more accepting lifestyle where they can successfully cope with the ups and downs of life accordingly.


About Karen Corcoran-Walsh

Karen Corcoran-Walsh, CAP, ICADC, MFT, ASAM is nationally known as an expert in the treatment of mental health and drug or alcohol abuse and addiction, also known as Dual Diagnosis, with a specialty in working with teenagers. Renowned as an adolescent addiction treatment center professional, she has worked in the professions of education and drug treatment for approximately 20 years. Karen is the co-founder of Inspirations For Youth And Families, LLC an adolescent treatment program and The Cove Center For Recovery, LLC an adult addiction treatment center.