List of works published by Karen Corcoran Walsh.

Consumer Health Digest







Behavior Styles of a Bully

There are many types of bullies. Karen Corcoran Walsh shares the different types and styles of bullies.

Health Jobs Nationwide







Leveraging College Degrees and Professional Training

Karen Corcoran Walsh launches her new internship program and just how helping those seeking healthcare careers with experience builds a better industry.

Mother’s Circle





5 Tips to improve your relationship with your teen

Looking to repair a damaged relationship with your teen? Karen has 5 tips that will help to improve your relationship with your teen today.







Flakka User Speaks out on all his experiences 

Former Flakka user who was admitted to the Cove Center for Recovery opens up about his time abusing Flakka and how it changed him.





Heroin has become an epidemic 

As heroin use continues to skyrocket among all sex, age and race Karen discusses the effect this drug has on its users. This article explains what makes an epidemic and why heroin has become it’s newest face.





Is the heroin epidemic over?

Is the heroin epidemic over? Karen shares her thoughts on whether the heroin epidemic is really over and the effects the rampant drug use will have on our communities.





Epidemic of pill mills

Karen delves into this investigation explaining how the epidemics of today stem from a source closer to home. Discover the role pill mills play into feeding a drug epidemic.

The Naked Mind




Karen Corcoran-Walsh writes for The Naked Mind

Karen Corcoran-Walsh was featured in the Naked Mind a blog and community inspired by the book “The Naked Mind Control Alcohol”. This post is Karen’s taking on treating alcoholism and addiction in her treatment centers by using dual diagnosis.

Sober Worlds








The effects of Drug Abuse on Family Members

As the wife of a former alcoholic Karen shares just how much drug abuse affects the entire family. See her take on how this disease takes a toll on marriage and family growth.

Why Team Building







How to help a colleague who’s teen is in drug rehab? 

Know someone a coworker who’s teens suffers from drug abuse and behavioral problem? Karen shares her tips on how to help a colleague who’s teen is in a drug rehab.