Parents smoking marijuana with their kids- Is it okay?

Is smoking marijuana with or around your children okay?


In light of the new viral video by Cut featuring parents smoking marijuana with their adult children some parents may be asking the question is it safe to smoke weed with or around their kids. This has been a subject has been debated recently. But if you are looking for the answer – it lies in marijuana studies that strongly denounce this act.

The effects of marijuana on teens

To make the decision whether marijuana is safe to smoke with or around your children you must understand its effects. Marijuana affects the teenage brain in a variety of ways and may create long term damage. According to the National Academy of Sciences, has found that teens smoking weed since the age of 13 also suffered an eight-point IQ loss by the age of 36. THC the main chemical in pot also affects specific receptors in a teen’s brain called cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are normally triggered by a chemical the body normally produces. However, when introduced to THC it greatly influences the parts of the brain that control pleasure, memory, concentration, time and coordination.

Marijuana and Teenage Boys

THC attaches to nerve endings, interfering with synapse & brain functions. The medical abstract from qualified professors all over the nation have revealed that young men suffer from psychosis, paranoia, and schizophrenia due to chronic and prolonged marijuana use.

Does weed affect children and babies?

The effects of marijuana on children and babies are in it’s earliest stage of research and development. According to Dr.Karen Wilson researchers have been able to demonstrate that there are detectable marijuana metabolites in the urine of children who’ve been exposed to pot. Dr. Karen Wilson is the division chief of general pediatrics at Mount Sinai in New York. The National Institute of Drug Abuse says the low level of THC, the psychoactive component of pot, can cause a developmental problem for babies for mothers who use while pregnant. These developmental issues, however, have been short term and have yet to yield long-term results. Many view pot smoke as a better alternative to tobacco smoke although in truth they both can lead to developmental issues within children.

What is the right choice?

As a leading teen rehab, it is obvious our stance on this issue is clearcut. Smoking marijuana near your children is not only dangerous but irresponsible.

What’s your opinion?

With all the information provided the choice is yours to make. Only time and further research will tell whether weed is safe to smoke with or around kids. As states are legalizing pot, there are implications to consider.  Many are in regards to how it will affect underage children as well as the legal age for use.