Karen Corcoran-Walsh to appear on Ask Dr.Nandi…again!

Karen Corcoran-Walsh
Karen Corcoran-Walsh makes a guest appearance on medical and lifestyle TV shows Ask Dr. Nandi for the second time. Karen’s first appearance on the show was earlier this year. She was invited along with a client from her teen drug rehab, Inspirations for Youth and Families, to speak about the importance and effectiveness of substance abuse treatment for teens.

Our second trip

The second time around Karen was invited along with two clients from her sibling rehabs The Cove Center for Recovery and Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF). Karen and Chris a client of The Cove spoke on the dangerous effects the new drug Flakka can have on its users. Chris was a former Flakka addict that was able to receive treatment and seek a sober life through the help of The Cove and its staff.

Along with Karen and Chris was former teen addict Christian whom is doing exceptionally well at our teen treatment facility Inspirations. Christian and Karen were able to provide an inside look at teenage marijuana addiction. Christian really shocked Dr. Nandi and the audience when he explained how much using had took over his life. He even explained how dabbing, a newly popular form of ingesting marijuana, worked and why it appeals so much to teens.

After the three day business adventure here is what Karen had to say about how an event like this has affected her clients.

“There is no better feeling than seeing the excitement in the eyes of our clients who were guests on the Ask Dr. Nandi show,” said Karen Corcoran-Walsh. “I am so proud of both Christian of Inspirations and Chris from the Cove in the way they rose to the occasion and performed like real pros in front of a live studio audience. Talk about personal growth!”

Karen Corcoran-Walsh also added that what they learned on the three-day business and entertainment trip was invaluable to their development and she believes it will set the foundation for their sustained recovery.

Stay tuned for this exciting episode of Dr.Nandi and all that Karen Corcoran-Walsh and her clients had to say!

Check out our behind the scenes footage here!