Karen Corcoran-Walsh receives IC&RC accreditation providing best rehabilitation experience

Karen Corcoran-Walsh receives coveted IC&RC accreditation.

Karen Corcoran-Walsh, a nationally known expert in the treatment of mental health and substance abuse disorders, has recently received an IC&RC accreditation. She has obtained the accreditation to assure clients that her core goal is providing the most effective rehabilitation experience.

Corcoran-Walsh’s IC&RC accreditation guarantees many benefits for clients, including that the services of Inspirations For Youth And Families, LLC and The Cove Center For Recovery are provided in an appropriate and ethical manner.

According to the International Credentialing website, “Ethical practice demands accountability for public expenditures, and accountability dictates that [organizations] utilize staff who demonstrate proficiency with competency-based standards.”

“Credentialing aligns practice with the rapid advancements in the field…,” as stated on the website. “The most compelling reason to certify professionals is to ensure public safety. Qualified staff is an essential part of quality programs.”

Karen’s background and IC&RC accreditation

After receiving a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy, Corcoran-Walsh founded Cove Counseling. Later, it became The Cove Center for Recovery. While providing counseling and treatment for adults,  she discovered the lack of rehabilitation services for children and their families. Corcoran-Walsh responded to the need for counseling and treatment for adolescents by establishing Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF). The center provides residential and outpatient care for teenagers and their families. At IYF, Corcoran-Walsh’s focus is providing education and behavior modification, therapeutic intervention, drug abuse counseling, family therapy, and life skills.

“I was very committed to receiving this accreditation because it provides transparency for my clients,” Corcoran-Walsh said. “It shows them that we meet competency-based standards. We have always been an ethical practice, and we make adjustments in response to the advancements in the field.”

To learn more about Inspirations For Youth And Families at (888)538-2056 or The Cove Center For Recovery at (888)537-6410.