Karen Corcoran Walsh NSU Internship Program

Karen Corcoran Walsh NSU Internship Program

Karen Corcoran Walsh NSU Internship Program

Karen Corcoran Walsh Nova Southeastern (NSU) internship program is one where Karen believes students have the opportunity to gain real experience. Throughout the internship, Karen will spend time with the interns teaching them the ins and outs of the healthcare industry. This one-semester internship will also challenge students to take the real world head on as its daily tasks and internships projects are fully immersive. Through the  Karen Corcoran-Walsh Internship program (KCWIP) students contribute to a company’s growth and bottom-line all while learning from industry professionals that have excelled in their area of expertise.

“From reviewing medical charts and determining the medical necessity to  diagnosis and DSM-5 criteria, ASAM criteria, individual, family and group notes this internship provides the most active real world experience possible.”

-Karen Corcoran Walsh


Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University (NSU) is a private undergraduate college that offers students a nurturing atmosphere with their wide variety of graduate and professional degrees. They are revered for their innovate and unique approach to education.

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What can you expect from this internship?

The Karen Corcoran Walsh NSU Internship provides students with the opportunity to develop their skills in a real work environment. This opportunity also affords the opportunity for the intern to learn exactly how the healthcare industry works. Through this internship, students will be able to exercise the theories taught in school under proper guidance and supervision. An internship is also a great way for a student to find out if the specific job is a proper fit for them upon graduation.

Additionally, interns will gain experience in other management tasks, supervision and/or revision of existing health care services. This will prepare them for the inner workings of an actual healthcare facility. Other areas of expertise include planning, law, research and marketing.