Karen Corcoran Walsh Barry University Internship Program

Karen Corcoran Walsh Barry University Internship

Karen Corcoran Walsh Barry University Internship Program

The Karen Corcoran-Walsh Internship program (KCWIP) allows interns to gain real industry specific experience  . Throughout the internship, Karen spends a tremendous amount of time with the interns teaching them the ins and outs of the healthcare industry. They actually contribute and help a company all while learning from real-life working experience.

We have a wide range of internship offers to help students from many differing programs. We offer social workers, marriage and family counselors, and mental health counselors positions. All of whom work together and learn from each other.

-Karen Corcoran Walsh


Barry University

Barry University is known for their long history of preparing compassionate and competent health care professionals.  They have a campus in Miami Shores, Florida and is also one of the largest Catholic universities and with outstanding programs in the arts, sciences, and business.

Outside the classroom, Barry opens up a world of knowledge to its students. From their extracurricular activities, study abroad programs to their internships. Additionally, Barry University ensures each student gains the most from their experience.

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What can you expect from this internship?

Those enrolled in the Karen Corcoran Walsh Barry University internship can expect to get real-world practice on the theories and methods they were taught in school. This semester-long internship allows students to intern at one of Karen’s many healthcare facilities. Along with the professional staff and their fellow interns, students will be attending staff meetings and  be making decisions under supervision in a structured health care company.

Interns will learn the inner workings of a real healthcare business. Additionally, students will gain experience in other management tasks, supervision and/or revision of existing health care services. In fact, they also have opportunities to gain experience in planning, law, research and marketing.