Karen Corcoran Walsh Internship Programs

Karen Corcoran Walsh Internship Program

Karen and an FAU intern.

Karen Corcoran Walsh Internship Programs

Karen Corcoran Walsh, is the owner and co-founder of a number of prominent health care concerns, specializing in the recovery profession. She aims to extend her knowledge of the health care field through her internship programs. With an extensive background in the industry, Karen offers students a wide range of insight and experience.  Karen Corcoran Walsh Internship programs  include the following educational institutions:

The Karen Corcoran Walsh Internship program (KCWIP) allows students to gain on the job training in many of her fast-paced and thriving business enterprises including her addiction treatment centers that she owns. By playing a vital role in her health care businesses, interns get a head start in the working world. Karen also spends a tremendous amount of time with the interns teaching them the inner-workings of the health care industry.

What can you expect from the Karen Corcoran Walsh Internship?

The KCWIP encourages students to practice the theories learned in the classroom. Through this one-semester internship, the hands-on training program interns will work closely with the staff to assist in the completion of critical projects from inception to completion. Similarly, interns will help formulate mission critical decisions under the supervision of their mentor.

Additionally, students will learn other management skills such as supervision and/or revision of existing health care services. All in all, students will have the opportunity to assess the clients and incorporate their skills into relevant and timely activities.

Intern requirements

Interns receive one credit for each class that they are enrolled in. KCWIP work environment is very flexible in scheduling to accommodate student’s academic schedule. Some of the student’s tasks and requirements are:

  • Working on regulations and revenue
  • Responding to patients needs
  • 15-20 hours weekly
  • Must be enrolled in Barry University, NSU or FAU