Inspirations drug and alcohol rehab welcomes another musical prodigy

teen in drug and alchol rehab
At Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) a teen drug and alcohol rehab we encourage our clients to participate in productive hobbies or to learn a skill. Many of our teens chose our music therapy sessions as their new hobby. During music therapy our teens get the opportunity to express themselves in a productive and healthy manner.

Some of our teens come with an established knowledge of music meanwhile others are taught how to hone this new skill. When under the influence of drugs and alcohol  teens often lose interest in hobbies or activities that they once loved. While in treatment and away from substance abuse many of our teens find themselves becoming more involved in the activities they once enjoyed.

For one of our teen rehab clients this could not ring any more true. Before her addiction Madison loved to play the violin as you can see she has tremendous talent. However, after taking drugs and alcohol she became unenthusiastic about playing.

Check out Madison’s rendition of Amazing Grace:

After her admission to Inspirations Madison has also widened her range of past time activities. She now enjoys along with playing the violin to writing poetry, taking Zumba and creating art pieces. These new hobbies stem from what she has experienced during her stay at Inspirations.

Inspirations prides itself on being a teen rehab like no other. With our dual diagnosis and individualized treatment our teens are offered a wide range of therapy options. These wide ranges of therapies expose our teens to a variety of therapeutic methods they can use once they leave treatment. For teens such as Madison having a place to express themselves in a good way is the key to their sobriety success.

We encourage our teen clients to continue learning the skills they are taught here as well as new and diverse ways to express themselves.