Dangerous and deadly super pill looks similar to Xanex

superpill xanex

Another new drug is on a rampage again this time in Florida county of Pinellas. At least nine deaths have been reported and linked to this brand new synthetic opioid drug. This new drug is reportedly 50 times stronger than the illicit drug heroin. What is this dangerous new drug called? Super Pill.

What is Super Pill?

This dangerous new drug dubbed Super Pill is a mix of the drug Xanex and Fentanyl.

“Super Pill is a dangerous combination that has the power to kill its users in a matter of minutes. “- Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri

Many of its abusers are under the impression that they were taking Xanex because of its closeness in appearance.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opiate very similar but more potent than morphine, typically prescribed to treat patients with severe pain or to manage pain after a surgery. It is also known as Actiq, Duragesic or Sublimaze. The street term for Fentanyl is apache, China White, TNT or tango.
The properties that make up Fentanyl are highly addictive and usually administered through a needle or transdermal patch. Fentanyl targets the opiate receptors in the body controlling the areas that control pain and emotions. After gaining control of these receptors they begin to fill the brain with dopamine which induces a state of euphoria and relaxation.

This dangerous combination of xanex and fentanyl has lead to deathly consequences for its users. Super pill is easier to overdose on even on a small dosage. It also has long term health affects if abused. The unsteady drug is being distributed through unknown sources and being sold at extremely low prices such as $5.

What can you do?

Inform your teens

Whether they are in Florida or another part of the US its’ important for your teens to be aware of what is out there. Make sure to have an open discussion about this drug and its terrifying repercussions with your teen.

Get help

For teens that are addicted to drugs especially Xanex stop buying non-prescribed xanex. Seek help to end your addiction instead. Overcome your drug abuse and live a healthier life for the better.


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