Basketball legend Doctor Dribble speaks to Inspirations Youth

inspirations youth and doctor dribble

Doctor Dribble outside Inspirations Treatment Center

This week Inspirations Youth invited Darren Weissman also known as Doctor Dribble to speak with our teens. His speech touched on various topics but none more important than understanding that life is filled with challenges and mistakes, however; we have the ability to move past them.

“If you learn from a loss then it’s not a loss at all!”


While at Inspirations’ treatment center, Doctor Dribble shared many stories based on his own experiences and the importance of setting goals. A key point he stressed during his visit was how he is still able to be successful and happy despite the many challenges he’s faced in his life. He told our teens that even though they’ve made mistakes or gotten in trouble before that they should work every day to improve themselves.

Doctor Dribble discussed why taking things one day at a time and making small strides to achieve long term change is important. Our teens were impressed by his jaw-dropping basketball dribbling skills and tricks and also his narrative on how he achieved some of his goals working as hard as he can every day.

See his freakish basketball driving stunts here:

Doctor Dribble struck a chord with many of our teens. He advised our teens to get back up when you fall down.

“I really recommend setting a goal or even more than one and to just strive everyday to do better even if it’s just a little bit at a time.”

-Doctor Dribble

“You can spend every day improving on your goal. After one week, then it’s two weeks, then its six months and before you know it you’ve gotten really good and accomplished your goal,” Doctor Dribble implored the audience.

As his presentation came to a close, Doctor Dribble had our teens share some of their goals they plan to improve on in their life. Our teens all had various dreams joining the Air force, finishing high school, and going to college. Doctor Dribble made a strong and meaningful impact on our teens and it showed as he received a standing ovation. He then proceeded to shake every teen’s hand in the room

“I thought our friend Dr.Dribble had an inspiring story and telling us to stick to life and motivate ourselves and follow our dreams.”

-Patrick an Inspirations Youth teen

After Doctor Dribbles’ speech, Inspirations for Youth and Families donated to his Helping Hands Foundation by handing him a check. “We believe in Doctor Dribble’s cause as it resonates with what we do here at Inspirations for Youth and Families,” said Karen Corcoran-Walsh, owner and founder of Inspirations for Youth and Families. “At the end of the day we both want the same thing – to improve the lives of our teens. After all, they’re our future.”

Watch his inspiring speech to our teens:

About Doctor Dribbles Helping Hands Foundation

inspirations youth

Doctor Dribble donates a basketball to Inspirations

Doctor Dribble was inspired to begin his very own charity to help at-risk youth. Doctor Dribble’s Helping Hands uses its funds to purchase a basketball for each child when they attend his uplifting and free clinics for at risk children. For more information on his charity or to donate and help his cause please click here.