6 of the best excuses parents use to get their teens into rehab

parent excuses to bring teen to rehab

Getting your teen into rehab can be one of the most stressful ordeals the parents of a teen addict can face. Many think its as easy as telling your teen where they are going but it’s not that simple. Addiction is a compulsive disease and even though tour teen may want help knowing they must give up drugs many run away. Some parents tend to try the intervention route there are others who know their teens and what works best for them. In cases where the truth won’t help parents usually bring teens to our facility with an excuse as to why they are here.

Here are the top 6 excuses parents use to get their teens into rehab:


We’re going on a vacation! Parents often use the promise of a vacation or trip as to why they are traveling to South Florida. As one of the hottest travel destinations in the U.S. teens are more than willing to pack their bags. Listen to this teen’s experience on being brought to addiction treatment after being told she was going on vacation.

Visiting a sick grandma or family member

The age old trick of visiting a grandma or distant relevant is often used to get teens into our treatment center. Parents use this excuse to bring their teens as they always comply because of a sick family member.

Summer camp

Many parents tell their teens they are attending a summer camp or retreat in order to get them into treatment. This white lie is very common during the summer time when the Inspirations Summer Program is running at full steam.

Disney World

One of the most popular excuses parents give to teens about coming to Florida is they are going to Disney World or one of our many theme parks. Teens are always excited to visit a park and escape their normal routine for a few days. Planning a trip to the famed Disney parks is the quickest way to have your teen pack their bags.

Going to see a specialist

Inspirations is a dual diagnosis treatment center that helps those suffering from mental health disorders and addiction. Parents often tell teens they are going to see a specialist for their disorder or to be diagnosed.

Tagging along for a business trip

Some parents have the freedom of working in various places. While some don’t they often tell their teens they received an opportunity to do business away from home. They then inform them they will need to accompany them during the business trip. A lot of our teens are very enthusiastic about this and willingly comply with this excuse.

No matter what excuse parents willing to get their teen help always find a way. Although they may not have entered the program willingly our teens always leave grateful to their parents for the time they spent at Inspirations. They get the opportunity to address themselves head on and leave feeling renewed. Read our teens experience through their testimonials.

Share excuses you have used to get your teen to come into treatment below!