4 Myths about drug abuse

drug abuse

Addiction and drug abuse is a very complex behavioral pattern. People who are addicted to drugs suffer from very harsh stigmatization. In an effort to support people underneath the virtual microscope here are four myths about drug abuse that weigh down a person in recovery’s morale.

4 myths about drug addiction:

1. You can overcome addiction with just will power

While will power does play a important role in addiction recovery, it is vital to remember excessive drug abuse can lead to the altering of the brain’s natural chemical balance. This change in brain chemistry makes it extremely difficult for addicts to stop abusing with just their will power. As addicts begin to stop using drugs and alcohol the change can be drastic they begin to experience withdrawal symptoms it is very easy to relapse.

2. Addiction is a disease there is nothing you can do about it

Many can agree that addiction is a disease that specifically affects the brain. With that being said it doesn’t mean you cannot overcome or be treated for drug abuse. Just as with any other disease there is treatment for addiction to ensure a safe recovery. There are countless people that have defeated their addiction despite their other disorders such as depression and anxiety.

3. Addicts must hit rock bottom before getting help

A person who has an addictive personality and comes from a family of addicts can be proactive and start learning about how to avoid drug addiction or alcohol abuse.  It is does not take much time for a casual experimenter to evolve in to a full-fledged drug or alcohol addict. Inspirations for Youth and Families treats many teens that are not addicted to drugs, but are in the danger zone and their parents are taking the necessary precautions.

4. Treatment didn’t work the first time so why go again

Recovery is a long and rigorous process that often becomes a matter of trial and error. There will be many setbacks and obstacles to tempt you from staying sober, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on sobriety. Relapse doesn’t mean treatment isn’t working – it’s a sign that you should be adjusting your approach to fit your life and ensure the best possible results. Inspirations treats many teens that have been to countless addiction treatment centers and have flourished under our system.


About Karen Corcoran-Walsh

Karen Corcoran-Walsh, CAP, ICADC, MFT, ASAM is nationally known as an expert in the treatment of mental health and drug or alcohol abuse and addiction, also known as Dual Diagnosis, with a specialty in working with teenagers. Renowned as an adolescent addiction treatment center professional, she has worked in the professions of education and drug treatment for approximately 20 years. Karen is the co-founder of Inspirations For Youth And Families, LLC an adolescent treatment program and The Cove Center For Recovery, LLC an adult addiction treatment center.