Karen Corcoran Walsh, MFT, MCAP, IC&RC, CADCII, is the owner and co-founder of a prominent teen rehab Inspirations for Youth and Families. Karen also owns and runs the Cove Center for Recovery, an adult therapy program. Karen has appeared on the Dr. Phil Show and the Ask Dr. Nandi Medical Show. She has also been featured on a host of other television programs and radio shows focused on teen behavior and substance abuse including “Teen Talk.”

A former school teacher, Karen Corcoran Walsh has worked with children for nearly 20 years and is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist (RMFT). She holds a Master of Science degree from Nova Southeastern University.

Karen has worked with children of all ages in education from pre-school, elementary, junior and senior high-school. Prior to opening Inspirations for Youth and The Cove Center for Recovery, she had a private family therapy practice and served as a primary adult addiction treatment therapist.

Karen’s academic and professional success has been fueled by her unrelenting desire to raise the standards of mental health behavior, substance abuse, and alcohol addiction treatment on a national level. She has been instrumental in achieving long term treatment success through a series of carefully orchestrated, financially independent, and methodical business steps which outcome even surprised her.